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Kindorf Metal Framing

KindorfKindorf hangers and brackets has found ever-widening applications by mechanical and electrical contractors in general construction.

The J-800 system has proven to be a work-saver when used to install tubing or cable. Tubing and cable of various construction and fabrication can be racked efficiently with built-in provisions for making additions or changes at a later date. They can be secured in all combinations and sequences of sizes. A variety of hangers and brackets secures multiple runs as well as single branch take-offs.

Installation of J-800 straps on Kindorf supports is simple, requiring only a screwdriver or small wrench. Each run is gripped individually on a hanger and all runs are secured by tightening a single locking device. Loosening the locking device permits fast access to the runs... making it easy to add, remove or adjust them at any time.

J-800 installations have withstood the severe conditions of service at sea for many years. In countless installations they have proven their ability to withstand the effects of salt air, moisture, shock and vibration.

J-800 racking is well known for its fast, yet precise installation methods. A proven method that results in labor economy and neat, workmanlike installation.


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